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Wheaton Sport Center is pleased to partner with Sole Unique Dance Complex. SUDC offers a wide variety of dance instruction for various ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced/professional. SUDC is located in Aurora, IL and Wheaton Sport Center is a satellite location for their classes. The owners, Victoria Bunch, Anthony Foster, Gera Klug, and Diana True are familiar faces at WSC. They taught here with another dance studio before leaving to pursue their dream of owning their own company. They are recognized nation-wide as artists, educators, dancers and directors for nearly two decades.

WSC recognizes the importance of dance as a method of exercise for both the mind and body. We are committed to offering a quality dance program to our members and guests.


Wheaton Sport Center dancer dancing
Wheaton Sport Center dancer dancing
Wheaton Sport Center dancer dancing

’24 Summer Dance Registration is Open!

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Wheaton Sport Center sudc summer class schedule




’24-25 SUDC Dance Classes

Registration opens July 1st.


SUDC Referral Program



SUDC is an auto enroll program. For Terms 1 – 5 in a program year, our dance program is designed like a school-year, from fall through spring – in each class – form, technique and skill is learned, practiced and built upon until the completion of a choreographed dance for that year’s SUDC Dance Recital. Once you sign up in a Term, you are automatically added to your registered class/es and billed for each subsequent term through Term 5 of that program year.

For this reason, a guaranteed credit card needs to be submitted to be kept on your dancer’s profile for each Term’s billing.

Upon registration a $25 administrative fee is due. This is a one time fee that covers registration into all subsequent terms in a dance year.

Cancellations of any class needs to be submitted in an email to [email protected] no less than a week prior to the start of the next Term to ensure no future class fees are charged.

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