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Adult Aquatic Programs

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Welcome to Adult Aquatic Programs

1-1 Adult Instruction

We offer 1-1 instruction for adults of all skill levels.  If you are an adult that has fear of the water and wants to learn some safety skills, and basic swim technique, or you are an intermediate or advanced swimmer and want to fine tune your strokes, or technique to get ready for the next competition, or to get more out of your workouts Wheaton Sport Center can help you.  These can be scheduled based on your availability and can purchase a single session, or packages of 5/10/15.

Masters Swim

Masters swim workouts are for intermediate or adult swimmers that are looking for support from a coach.  These workouts and drills are designed for all swimmers that have some basic knowledge of the freestyle stroke at least.  We have  triathletes, former swimmers, and swimmers that compete in US Masters swim meets that participate with this group.  If you are looking for a training group to help challenge you, and looking for tips and drills from a coach, come out and join us.

Triathlon Training

We have a certified Triathlon coach that works with several athletes in all aspects of their race.  If you are looking for training plans for your next race, you need help in the pool, or want some tips and pointers on races, and race day strategy please reach out to Justin and we will connect you with our Triathlon coach.  We also run clinics, and training sessions during the training season.

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