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Welcome to Swim Academy

The Swim Academy is dedicated to teaching children lifelong swimming skills and safety. We are an all-inclusive program for ages 4 months and up. Our progression based system takes children from introduction to water to competitive swim team ready. From small group classes to individual lessons, we can tailor lessons to meet everyone’s needs. Our lessons have a wide variety of availability as well as many affordable options.

The Swim Academy uses top of the line training tools to aid in the learning process, including marshmallow sticks, splash pads, kick boats and more. We offer private, sibling private and group swim lessons for all ages, members and guests of Wheaton Sport Center.

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Group Swim Lesson Levels

Ages 13 months + We have a level for all kids!

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Infants/Tots (Ages 4-24 months) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 6:1

Ages 4 – 24 months. In this introduction to water class, we will focus on getting children more familiar with swim positions: on their fronts and backs. Songs and games will be used to keep the class fun and entertaining for the child, while learning the basics of swimming. Water safety will be discussed with parents as kids begin to learn to use equipment to kick, scoop, blow bubbles and float. This class is 30 minutes in the water, and is a parent/child class and a parent is required to be in the water with the child.
Toddlers (Ages 24-36 months) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 6:1

Toddler classes are perfect for more hesitant swimmers who still rely heavily on a parent being in the water. We will work on getting the child comfortable in the water with an instructor and begin to become more independent. They will learn to blow bubbles, float, kick, and jump with a parent, then we will progress so they are comfortable working directly with the instructor. This class is a parent/tot class and the parent is required to be in the water with the child.
Starfish (Ages 3 years & up) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 3:1

The Starfish class is for children who can be in the water without a parent. In this level, children will learn to float on their front and back with assistance, put their face in the water and blow bubbles, and jump into the water  comfortably with assistance. They will also learn to kick their feet and paddle their arms in preparation for the front and back stroke. They will begin to learn basic safety skills appropriate for their age level.
Minnows (Ages 3-5 Years) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 4:1

In Minnows, children will learn the front and back float without assistance for 5 seconds. From there, they will begin freestyle and backstroke by learning to paddle and kick at the same time. Children will also continue to learn basic safety skills appropriate for their ability level.
Turtles (Ages 4-6 Years) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 4:1

This is an introductory level for freestyle and backstroke. Children who have passed floating will begin to learn arm strokes and kicks for the first time. They will learn to swim 1 full length of the pool with equipment assistance and a half-length without assistance. Children will also continue to learn basic safety skills appropriate for their ability level.
Otters (Ages 5-8 Years) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 4:1

In Otters, the children will perfect their freestyle and  backstroke to swim for 1 length of the pool. They will add breathing to their freestyle.
Sea Lions (Ages 6-9 Years) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 4:1

After perfecting their freestyle and backstroke, kids will work on their endurance to be able to swim the strokes for 25 yards. They will also learn the breaststroke in this level, as well as start treading water.
Belugas (Ages 7-12 Years) Swimmer/Instructor Ratio – 4:1

In our most advanced level, kids will keep working on endurance on all 3 strokes, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. They will learn to swim the butterfly and tread water for longer periods of time. After graduating from Belugas, they will be ready to go to Pre-Team and/or the Stingrays Swim Team.

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