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Tennis University

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First Session FREE for ALL WSC Members (18+ years)!

Tennis University is a great way to get started with a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime. This 4-week class for non-tennis players offers an introduction to the basic tennis strokes and gameplay. All you need is a pair of gym shoes and a racquet (WSC will provide racquets to players who need one). Tennis is a lifetime sport and a great way to stay fit!

Tennis University Syllabus

                                                    Week 1: Forehand Groundstrokes

                                                    Week 2: Backhand Groundstrokes

                                                    Week 3: Serves & Volleys

                                                    Week 4: Review of Strokes, Scoring, & Rules

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New sessions begin the first week of each month
Guests may participate for $104/4-week session

WSC Members, to receive your 1st Time FREE 4-week Tennis University Class,
email Lori Mills [email protected]