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Pickleball Private Lessons

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Private pickleball lessons are a great way to receive personalized instruction and accelerate your game. Whether you’re a new or an advanced player, our pickleball professionals will provide individual instruction to help you meet your goals.

Our most popular private lesson format is the “Three and Me”: Players organize friends to create a private group lesson of 3 players plus the coach who plays in to give personalized instruction.  Players can also schedule 1 on 1 or any other group size for private lessons.

To schedule your private lesson, you can contact the pro directly, or email Pickleball Coordinator Tristan Setterdahl, [email protected].

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

Private lessons that are canceled at least 24 hours prior will not be charged a fee. Private lessons that are canceled within 24 hours will be charged the lesson fee.



Wheaton Sport Center Pickleball Private Lesson Rates 3.13.24


Pickleball Ball Machine

Ball Machine Rentals

Refine your strokes with WSC’s Pickleball Ball Machine. WSC members can rent the ball machine by choosing the ball machine option when making a court reservation.

Ball Machine Rental Fees
Tennis/Pickleball Member – 60 Minutes $26
Health Club Members – 60 Minutes $32

Wheaton Sport Center Pickleball Machine Rentals