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Paddle Up and Play

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Paddle Up and Play 

Meet other picklers and enjoy some friendly competition at Paddle Up and Play. Players sign up as individuals and rotate onto the court based on our paddle up system. Pickleball Memberships (Pickleball, Tennis, Boutique, Boutique+) participate at no charge and receive priority registration. Space is limited – pre-registration is required. Check our schedule for available days/times.


Paddle Up & Play Format:

Skill Level:
All skill levels are welcome

The maximum player to court ratio is 7:1.

Rules of Play:
Play is non-continuous; players rotate in based on paddle up.
Play rotation is in 13 minute cycles.
Players rotate 4 on, 4 off (winners do not stay)

Championship Courts:

At each Paddle up & Play, there are designated Championship Courts. For 6-court Paddle Up & Play, there are 2 championship courts; for 3-court Paddle Up & Play there is 1 Championship Court.

Championship Courts are geared toward higher level players.
Championship Courts play games up to 11 (no 13 minute timed cycles)
Winners stay on, 2 new players rotate in to challenge the winners
New players (challengers) rotate in based on paddle up system


Players sign up on the WSC app or online.

Pickleball/Tennis Memberships: Sign up 3 days in advance at 12 pm; fee $0
Health Club Members: Sign up 1 day in advance at 12 pm; fee: $7