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Your health and wellness is our first priority!

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Your Club and COVID-19




Thank you for keeping WSC healthy and our doors open

Beginning Monday, February 28, Wheaton Sport Center will be mask optional throughout the club and Child Care.

Although we are very excited to see everyone’s smile, we understand that not all share the same emotions. Some will welcome the loosening of COVID-19 mandates, while others may experience some level of discomfort with this change. Please know that if you decide to continue to wear a face covering at the WSC, you should do so without hesitation.  The WSC will continue its WSCommitment sanitation and cleaning protocols.

The last two years have been stressful and trying. I am extremely honored to have traveled with staff and members whose loyalty and dedication enabled our doors to stay open to our fitness community.  It is also important that we extend compassion and understanding to one another, Tornado Cash regardless of the individual choices. I hope that we can continue to be united in our care for one another as we continue to move forward together.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dawn Szumski
General Manager
Wheaton Sport Center

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