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WSC’s highest intensity program and approval of the High Performance Director is required prior to entry. Intended for players with a year round commitment to tennis, High Performance is designed to propel players forward in their competitive goals. Players will be given all of the tools to make them more fit, more accurate and stronger mentally when competing. With many more options to play in group, athletes will be training more consistently and will be better prepared for tournaments. Sunday Match Play included in the class fee.



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Group Lesson Make Up & Refund Policy

Students are responsible for attending the lesson for which they have registered. A maximum of 3 missed lessons may be made up per session with prior approval of the instructor. Student must email the instructor 24 hours prior to the missed lesson. Lessons must be made up during the current session and are NOT guaranteed. Approval for make up lesson is based on class space and availability. Refunds are honored for any reason if notification is given 72 hours prior to the first lesson. After a lesson session has started, refunds are only given for illness or injury with a doctor’s note. A $10 fee per registrant will be charged for all refunds.

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At Wheaton Sport Center, there is something for everyone. No matter your skill level, goals, or fitness needs, we have a class that will fit your schedule.