Introducing Our Physical Activity (PA) PODS and E-Learning Stations



During the hours between 8:15am -3:45pm, E-learning stations will be available in our gym to provide school age children a place to complete school work while you get to work out. Each station can be reserved for 3 hours through our app (search under Classes) and will be supervised by one of our Child Care staff members. Your student needs to bring their own laptop, drinks and snacks. Family members can share a table and enjoy mask free time. Stations will be sanitized between each sitting.

Monday – Friday choose from 8:15-11:15am, 11:15am-2:15pm
Tuesday through Thursday choose from 8:15-11:15am, 11:15am-2:15pm and 12:45-3:45pm

$24 per time per child

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P.E. in the Pool

Swim Instruction Based

Safety in the Water (5min) – Pool signage, pool depth indicators, float and entry techniques.

Swim Instruction related to swim strokes (15min) – Based on skill level – Freestyle stroke and technique; Backstroke stroke and technique; Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly kick; water tread.

Game or free play (5min) – Games that promote social distancing – tag with noodles, ring toss and retrieve, free swim.

Movement Based Ages 8+

Warm-up (5min) – Water walking, arm and body stretches.
Water conditioning/Water aerobics movement (15min) – Workout using water resistance for activity, stability and core training, endurance and strength training.
Free Play/Movement (5min) – Cool down water walking, stretching.

Swim Conditioning/Stroke Development Ages 8-10/11-14

This workout is designed for the intermediate/advanced swimmer that wants to get a good lap pool workout. We will work on fine tuning the 4 competitive strokes, endurance training, how to read the pack clocks, and skills like turns and dives. This class will be taught in the lap pool, and participants should be able to do a lap of freestyle and backstroke without assistance.

Fun Fitness

The focus on this class will be on fun games, activities, and challenges with non-contact play.

Outdoor Run Club

These energetic classes help children develop cognitive, physical and social skills through running games and drills while teaching the fundamentals of running. Complete with stretching, healthy living, and running tips.


This class increases confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being – all through the experience of learning to ride a bike. Classes will teach proper setup and form as well as simulation of different terrain. You will come out of class feeling energized!

Cardio Tennis

Enjoy heart pumping fitness with high-energy music while playing tennis. Exercises include balance, footwork, and agility. Tennis experience is not required.

Fitness Dance

Dance like no one is watching! Enjoy 45 minutes of cardo dancing with one of Sole Unique Dance Complex instructors. Burn energy, release stress, and have fun while dancing to today’s top hits.

Energy Lifting Yoga Ages 8-10

Through yoga poses, kids release energy and learn how to relax. They will learn more about breathing and visualization and be introduced to yoga poses that will focus on improving coordination, creating strength and increasing flexibility.

Energy Lifting Yoga Ages 11-13

In addition to releasing energy and learning how to relax, kids will learn more postures and sequences. More focus on awareness of self and others, and longer times in meditation and mindfulness practices.


Register for a 3-week session online or through the WSC App. Search Programs and category: Gym

30 min classes are $35 per 3 week session per child

45 and 50 min classes are $50 per 3 week session per child

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Download the WSC App

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