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Other Fitness Services

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Fitness Orientation

Whether you’re new or an existing member, we offer fitness orientations at no cost to personalize and maximize your club experience. Take advantage of this deeper look at our fitness floor. Learn what equipment would benefit you the most and how to use it safely.

Fitness Assessment

Ever wonder if you are in shape? Schedule a fitness assessment with us to find out. We will measure your body mass index (BMI), resting heart rate, and blood pressure to create a customized fitness plan. We will also measure your strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness level. The fee for this service and finding out this useful information is $80.

Fitness Consultation

Sign up for a fitness consultation and receive professional guidance throughout your fitness journey. The consultation is self-directed and allows you to ask questions about exercise, nutritional strategies, fat loss, muscle gain, sleep habits, or all of the above. The fee for this service and creating a personalized action plan is $80.

Nutrition Coaching

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Nutrition Coaches to maximize your health and fitness efforts. The fee for this service and getting serious about your nutrition is $80.