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A child's potential begins with the arts!

Moves Dance is recognized as one of the country's leading dance programs for ages 3 to adult.

2016-17 Moves Dance

Please note: Once you register here, you will not need to register again for any subsequent term.
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2016-17 Moves Dance Schedule

2016-17 Moves Dance Registration Form


Picking Up Your Dancer


In an effort to maintain safety for all of our students and families, please review the following procedure for picking up your children:
  • When picking them up, please park in a parking space and meet your children in the building and walk them back to your car.


Moves Dance Forms


ATTENTION ALL DANCERS: New policies have been implemented including auto enrollment and late fees. For complete registration information and policies, please review the two page Moves Dance Registration form.

Please note that all dancers must be age 3 and fully potty trained prior to starting in the Moves Dance program. For any age specific classes, all dancers must be the minimum age by December 31st of a Moves Dance calendar year to register and participate in a class.

For class placement or suggestions, please contact the Moves Dance Studio 630.264.3600.

Have a registration question? Call 630.315.5334 or email

WSC Guest Program/Lesson Participant Policy