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Child Care Drop Off Service








Child Care Drop Off Service

Drop-Off Service is now All Year!

We care about your total health and wellness! Let your children enjoy the fun activities in our child care while you enjoy a parent break to take care of yourself! Beginning at 11:30am.

Drop-off service is $15/child (additional children after 3rd child are free) with a maximum of 3 hours* per day for this service.

*Up to 3 hours a day. This 3 hours is in addition to WSC Member 2 hour workout reservation, with at least a 30 minute break between the two reservations.

Please note - all children must be fully potty trained to utilize this service.

If we are unable to accommodate your reservation, we will call you. All Child Care cancellation and no show policies apply. Advance reservations preferred, walk-ins will be available provided space is available. WSC Members need to sign a waiver when dropping off. This service is only available to WSC Members.


                                          *Register online or at WSC Child Care.

Questions? Child Care 630.315.5313