Adult Tennis Travel Team





Travel Team


  • Build relationships on and off the court with your teammates
  • Enjoy the thrill of team competition
  • Stop living vicariously through others
  • Experience the social camaraderie between teams
  • Sharpen your competitive skills with drills and match play


Travel Team Guidelines

2016 Travel Teams

Division 1 - American

Division 1 - Central


Division 2 - Central

Division 2 - Liberty



Division 3 - American

Division 3 - Central



Division 4 - American

Division 4 - Central





Women's Travel Team Drill Registration


2015-2016 WSC NITTL
Women's Travel Team Drill Options

  Option A:
         - $27 Walk-On Drill and $40 One-time League Fee
  Option B:
         -  Commit to pre-paid weekly drill - August 18, 2015 - May 6, 2016
         -  $40 One-time League Fee
         -  Reduced Team Drill Price - $22 per drill charged to account
         -  High consideration for Travel Team Matches (assuming drill attendance)
         -  Higher consideration on feedback for drill time/ match time/ team philosophy 
         -  Available to play in at least 7 away matches
  Drill Absence Policy: Medial injury/absence more than 4 weeks - drill charge ($20) will be waived.
Medical injury/absence less than 4 weeks - attend make-pp drills through the season
(Make-Up Drills: A player can attend 3 drills with the team above & unlimited with the team below)

Match Priority Conditions:Option B Players will have a higher consideration for match play. Option A Players will be treated with the same priority as Option B if they have consistent drill attendance.
  I commit to participating in the travel team program from August 18, 2015 through May 6, 2016. Upon selecting Option B, I accept the weekly charge of $22 (commitment by June 2, 2014) and a one-time league fee of $40. Upon selecting Option A I accept a one-time league fee of $40.

Please check appropriate box below, print name, and sign/date:

 To assist with team formation, please complete the following:
 Please indicate your anticipated match availability:
     25-50%   50-75%  75+
 Please indicate your availability compared to the 2014-15 season:
  Less Than  Greater Than  Equal to



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