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Fitness Training

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Whether you are looking for personal training, weight loss, or simply to maintain your health and fitness, the Wheaton Sport Center has the best personal trainers and equipment in the western suburbs!


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Train Solo, with a Partner or a Small Group

One-On-One Training

Personal Training at the Wheaton Sport Center is just that…PERSONAL. You can trust any of our trainers to deliver a great personalized workout to get the results that you want. Whether you need multiple sessions per week or a periodic check-in, we can put together a plan to achieve your goals.

Partner Training

Team up with a friend or family member for twice the fun, benefit, and value. Don’t have the same exact goals or fitness level? Don’t worry, we can make it work! Need help finding a training partner? Let us know, and we will help.

Small Group Training

Let the energy of small group training work to your benefit and budget. This is a great option for groups who want to train together and save big! Don’t have a group? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can find one.

And More...!

TRX Training

Make use of your body weight as a tool that continuously pushes you towards your goals. TRX offers a personalized workout that grows with you


Boxing workouts challenge you both physically and mentally—an incredible combination! Four of our Personal Trainers are Box N Burn certified and will help you achieve your fitness goals through a unique boxing workout! Get fit and have fun too!

Prehab and Rehab Training

Trying to avoid a surgery? Need help getting stronger for an upcoming surgery? Or, perhaps you’ve had physical therapy and now want to keep or improve upon the progress you’ve made. We can help! Our trainers can adapt to your specific functional needs.

Sport Specific Training

Our trainers can offer sport specific training to help you be as fast and strong as possible. Sport specific training also improves balance, coordination, endurance, and decreases your risk of injury. So whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who does sporting activities for fun, we can help!